Clearspring Umeboshi Paste 150g


Ingredients: Japanese ume plums* (79%), sea salt (16%), shiso (perilla) leaves*. *organically grown.
*organically grown

Clearspring Organic Japanese Umeboshi Paste (Salt-pickled Plum Paste) is a tart and tangy seasoning that can be used to enliven sushi, dips, dressings, spreads, and sauces. Add a little to the centre of nori wrapped rice balls or to the top of the rice when preparing sushi rolls.

How to use:

Umeboshi paste is a versatile tangy seasoning ideal for sushi, dips and dressings. It is traditionally prepared in Japan from the finest plum fruit slowly pickled in sea salt with shiso herb added for colour and flavour. Concentrated flavour - use sparingly.

Remember to always use umeboshi paste in small quantities as it is concentrated and salty.

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